Soundtrack for
"Der große Max"

Composition and production of the soundtrack used by the cartoon-series “The great Max – excerpts of the diary of the Christian Social Union Member of Parliament Max Froschhammer” by Dieter Hanitzsch, according to an idea by Herbert Riehl-Heyse, spoken by Helmut Schleich.

The newest heroic actions by the “great Max” can be watched every Friday during the evening news (“Abendschau”) of the Bayerische Fernsehen at 6:40 PM; “The great Max” is also available as Podcast.



„Jetzt red i“

Composition and production of the theme music,
Bayerisches Fernsehen


"W wie Wissen: Mit dem Kanu durch die Südsee"

Soundtrack for this documentary by Eberhard Meyer, 7', ARD

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