For project outlining, pre-production and realization, there is a private project studio available. If recordings of ensembles and major audio mixings are necessary, Ulrich Rassy works closely with external recording studios, for several years now he cooperates with a great sound engineer for these types of projects, so that he can concentrate himself on the substance – the music.

Composition for audio-visual media needs a high degree of stylistic flexibility:
Whether it may be drum & base, trip-hop, jazz-fusion, classical forms, combinations of traditional music and modern elements, or something completely different – essential is not the own taste in this case, but the particular demands. These are subject to miscellaneous influencing factors: Subject and genre, ideas of the director/author/producer, target group, budget, etc.

The production of film, television, and other audio-visual media needs to have team spirit and trade-offs. Given the ideal case, all these factors result into an integrated whole of all its individual components. Ulrich Rassy feels himself committed to this ideal and the outcome of this is the corpus of Ulrich’s motivation and captivation for this job.

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