Immediately after being born in Munich 1970, Ulrich Rassy was greeted by five musically talented siblings, a mother who loved singing, and a father who collected records. Consequently, it is barely surprising that he got his first recorder quite soon, even if he spit more in it than he played with it. Finally at the age of six, he was able to get his first “real instrument classes” as he started playing the violin.
Through the years, all the older siblings moved out, consequently, nobody except for Ulrich was playing an instrument at the Rassy’s house any more and as a result, all the parents’ hope to have a child who is a worthy successor of his musically talented grand father rested on Ulrich.
After graduation, Ulrich served for the German military and marched lock step through the Swabian Alb and all the other metropolises of Europe. Afterwards, his demand for march music and military in general was covered once and for all.
Later, Ulrich went to the Ludwigs-Maximilans-Universität Munich and majored in German and History, but after passing the entrance examination to the Hochschule für Musik und Theater München (University for Music and Performing Arts, Munich) he continued his education there and got his chance eventually to get to know as much as possible about every kind of music, as he was surrounded by people with the same interests. However, Ulrich especially enjoyed implementing his new skills into music. After playing the violin, the piano, singing, working as a choir director and an orchestra leader, writing texture, having aural training, studying the history of music, getting to know electronic musical instruments, being a member of various ensembles, orchestras and choirs etc. Ulrich was finally (after 19 exams) was relieved as a music professional.
His long-term experience due to his job as musical advisor for Bayerischer Rundfunk (Bavarian Broadcasting) granted him deep insights into the fascinating world of soundtracks. Since 1994 Ulrich contributes as composer and arranger to this segment of music.
Ulrich Rassy lives with his family in Wolfratshausen, which is a town located south of Munich.

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